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Rustic Weddings

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Hosting is in our nature

Our passion for the beauty of nature, cultural diversity and alternative, boho weddings has been converted into a new destination wedding concept for Crete, in which the natural gems of Heraklion mainland are highlighted and a unique wedding landscape is created for the couples and their guests.

Our history

We are EL&G; Eleftheria and George, a nice combination of international expertise in events & marketing and caring about Cretan land. Our long-lasting expertise in events, tourism marketing and agriculture created this brand-new wedding concept in Greece based in Heraklion, Crete.

Our vision

At EL&G we believe that the connection between the mother earth and special wedding day is simply magical.

On top of that, adding our creativity and expertise, the results are truly successful.

Simplicity is the ultimate elegance for our events, as the Cretan nature, local food and Greek hospitality are connected in perfect harmony.

Beautiful Bride in Nature

Simplicity is the keynote for all true elegance


Contact us

 Start planning your next celebration in nature. 

EL&G Rustic Weddings

Episkopi, Heraklion 70008, Greece

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